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Reflection (2022)

Self - Portraits & Introspective Explorations

Through the passing days and nights

And newly painted skies,

With each stroke of paint 

Came a new revelation; 

Each dot of a point 

Continued into further contemplation; 

As numbers passed by on a circular loop,

New pages revealed themselves;

Of possibilities and explorations,

Realization and acceptance; 

At peace and in oneness,

In simply “being” and

Continually evolving.



At first glance this painting is a self portrait, a reflection: A girl on a chair in the sunlight, in peaceful contemplation after practicing music, her manjira used for rhythm placed on the table. However, slowly the story within each rhythmic paint stroke begins to appear: she is a universal human, a state of mind, symbolic of where everyone at some stage in their life reaches, at peace and in oneness. Its the process and parts of this painting together that speak of what the image is as a whole. The painting keeps growing as it is painted bringing about realization, introspection, exploration and comprehension. From a reflection it becomes much more; it becomes a metaphor of acceptance, serenity, joy and bliss in simply “being” and continually evolving.



Art, Music, Poetry by Preeti G.

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