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Sound Series


An interdisciplinary series

Background - The Genesis:


1) The “Sound Within You” Digital Animated Painting's depict Epsilon Waves to Higher Gamma Waves. This is based on Malvika G.’s concept for this music composition and video; part of Preeti G.'s and Malvika G.'s collaborative projects including their vocals together. Further, the composition, lyrics instrumentals are by Malvika G. and Sitar is by Preeti G.


2) In “You are the Ocean in a Drop” each painting symbolises each line based on the concept Malvika G. explained to Preeti G. They collaborated and worked together and Preeti G. came up with these paintings according to their discussions based on Malvika G.'s research in Consciousness studies. The poetry is by Malvika G. and music composition by Preeti G., the vocals have been sung by both.


•Painting 1: You are a drop in the ocean (The microcosm in the macrocosm).

•Painting 3: You are an ocean in a drop (The macrocosm in the microcosm).

•Painting 2: You can merge within (The Ocean of Supreme Consciousness: Non Duality/Advaita).

•Painting 4: You can stand apart (Duality/Dvaita).

Hear the full songs and watch the full videos HERE.

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